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A blog about Parent Alienation

About this Blog

This is a blog for everyone.  It is mostly a blog for our children, who’s voices can often not be heard and who’s pain can often not be felt.  I encourage everyone to participate with comments.  Parent Alienation is a phenomenon, many of us have experienced and suffered through.  My hope is that this blog will be educational, motivating and encouraging to every visitor.

Please be respectful to one another in you postings.  This is a place to share and discuss knowledge, not to argue or discount it.  I welcome everybody’s point of view and hope to learn from every posting or comment.

I have included and will continue to update interesting links, publications and downloads below.  Please use the RSS feed to stay uptodate if you wish.


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  1. Bless you for sharing and trying to make a difference. I applaud every parent that is trying to change the corruption in our family courts. There are victim after victim and it seems a plethora of victims in the generations to come. I hope all of our efforts will one day make a difference in the lives of these kids!

    Comment by blogger incognito | September 14, 2008 | Reply

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