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This page is a recource page for any of you who either represent themselves in family court, or just want to have these documents handy for future use.  They are mostly in PDF format, some are in WORD files.  These forms are modtly for the California Familiy Court systems.  You may want to check if they also apply in your state.  These are very important forms.

PLEASE consult with a legal expert such as an attorney, before using them!! Also, you may want to read the “How to Use the Forms” file before downloading any of these forms.  Please DO NOT contact me on how to use these forms – I am NOT an attorney.  I merely posted these forms as a convenience, so that you don’t have to run to the court house all the time to purchase these.  I will update these forms and add to them over time. Please let me know via e-mail, if any of the links are wrong, so that I can correct them quickly.

General Family Court Forms:

FL-100 Petition
FL-103 Petition (DP)
FL-105 Decl Under UCCJEA
FL-110 Summons
FL-115 Proof of Service of Summons
FL-117 Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt
FL-120 Response
FL-123 Response (DP)
FL-130 Appearance Stips & Waivers
FL-140 Declaration of Disclosure
FL-141 Decl re Service of Decl of Disclosure
FL-142 Schedule of Assets & Debts
FL-144 Stip and Waiver Final Decl Disclosure
FL-145 Form Interrogatories
FL-150 Income & Expense Decl
FL-155 Financial Statement (Simplified)
FL-160 Property Declaration
FL-161 Continuation of Prop. Decl
FL-165 Request to Enter Default
FL-170 Declaration for Uncontested Disso
FL-180 Judgment
FL-190 Notice of Entry of Judgment
FL-191 Child Support Case Registry
FL-192 Notice of Rights and Responsibilities
FL-195 Order-Notice to Withhold Income
FL-300 Order to Show Cause
FL-301 Notice of Motion
FL-305 Temporary Orders
FL-306 Application for Reissuance of OSC
FL-310 Application for Order
FL-311 Child Cust and Visit Attachment
FL-312 Request Abduction Orders
FL-315 Request for Separate Trial
FL-316 Application and Order to Seal Forms
FL-320 Responsive Dec – OSC or Motion
FL-330 Proof of Personal Service
FL-335 Proof of Service by Mail
FL-340 Findings and Order After Hearing
FL-341 Child Cust & Visit Order Attachment
FL-341A Supervised Visit Order
FL-341B Child Abduction Orders
FL-341C Holiday Schedule Attachment
FL-341D Addl Custody Provisions Attach
FL-341E Joint Legal Custody Attach
FL-342 Child Support Order Attachment
FL-342A Non-Guideline CS Findings Attachment
FL-342A Non-Guideline CS Findings Attachmt
FL-343 Spousal Support Order Attachment
FL-344 Property Order Attachment
FL-345 Property Order Attachment
FL-350 Stip to Establish Child Support
FL-355 Stip and Order Child Cust & Visit
FL-390 Motion for Simplified Mod Support
FL-391 Info Sheet-Simplified Mod Support
FL-392 Response to Motion Simp Mod Support
FL-393 Info Sheet-How to Oppose Simp Mod Support
FL-395 ExParte App to Restore Former Name
FL-396 Request Income Exp Info After J
FL-410 OSC re Contempt
FL-411 Facts re Financial Contempt
FL-412 Facts re DV-Custody Contempt
FL-415 Findings and Order re Contempt
FL-420 Declaration of Payment History
FL-421 Payment History Attachment
FL-435 Earnings Assignment Order
FL-450 Request for Hearing re WEA
MC-020 Additional Page
MC-030 Declaration
MC-031 Attached Declaration
MC-040 Notice of Change of Address
MC-050 Substitution of Attorney
Parentage Delcaration
Proof Of Service_Fax

Domestic Violence Forms

DV-100 Request for Order
DV-101 Description of Abuse
DV-105 Child Cust Visit and Support Request
DV-108 Request No Travel Order
DV-110 Temp. Restraining Order & Notice of Hearing
DV-120 Answer to Temporary Restraining Order
DV-125 Reissue Temporary Restraining Order
DV-126 How to Reissue a TRO
DV-130 Restraining Order After Hearing
DV-140 Child Custody and Visitation Order
DV-145 Order No Travel With Children
DV-150 Supervised Visitation Order
DV-160 Child Support Order
DV-170 Other Orders
DV-200 Proof of Service (In Person)
DV-210 What Is Proof of Service
DV-250 Proof of Service by Mail
DV-260 Confidential Information
DV-290 Request for Free Service of Order
DV-500 Can a DV RO Help Me (FAQ)
DV-505 Forms You Need for a TRO
DV-510 I Filled Out the Forms – What Now
DV-520 Get Ready for Your Hearing (For Protected Person)
DV-530 How to Enforce Your Order
DV-540 Information for the Restrained Person
DV-550 Get Ready for Your Hearing (For Restrained Person)
DV-560 How Can I Make the Order Permanent
DV-570 Which Financial Form – FL-155 or FL-150
DV-700 Request to Renew Restraining Order
DV-710 Notice of Hearing to Renew Restraining Order
DV-720 How to Ask Court to Renew Restraining Order
DV-800 Proof of Firearms Turned in or Sold
DV-810 What Do I Do With My Gun or Firearm

Summary Dissolution Forms

FL-800 Instructions
FL-800 Summary Petition
FL-810 Booklet
FL-820 Request for Judgment
FL-830 Revocation


Wk1 Personal Info
Wk2 Assets & Debts
Wk3 Budget
Wk4 Childcare Tasks
Wk5 Childcare Schedule

Settlement Agreement Templates

Settlement Agreement (Word doc)
Settlement Agreement (RTF)
Settlement Agreement (Text)

Family Court Kits

982(a)(5) Request for Dismissal
982(a)(5.1) Notice of Entry of Dismissal
982(a)(12) Decl. re Lost Summons
982(a)(17) Application for Waiver of Fees
982(a)(17A) Info on Waiver of Fees
982(a)(18) Order for Fee Waiver
MC-040 Notice of Change of Address
N-PSA Application for Pub Summons
N-PSO Order for Pub Summons
N-STD Stip Re Termination D


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