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Don’t take the bait !!!

I have made the discovery over the last few years that an alienating parent with narcissistic tendencies will often try to throw some “bait” at the target parent (usually right in front of the children).  What is “bait”?  Any kind of challenging comment that when responded to can ignite a conflict.  It is often very difficult to take the “high road” on that and let it go, but it is usually the better way to go.

I heard a great comment not too long ago in a parenting group made by one of its participating members: “Well, I don’t know how to make it better with ………….., but I DO know how to make it worse!”  Now, I consider this to be a statement with a rather powerful message.  The message being that you, and you alone makes the decision on how a person with a narcissistic personality disorder affects you.

People like this will always try to throw bait out in order for you to grab it and more often than not their anger and disappointment increases if you don’t, but at least you are not part of it.  Anger and resentments are horrible burdens to carry around.  If you are not convinced about the devastating physiological effects emotions like anger, fear and resentments can have on the human body, I encourage you to read some of David Hawkins’ books.



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